Hello fellow yogis! My name is Brittany and this is my yoga blog. I recently completed Twisted Lotus RYT200 at Real Hot Yoga with instructor Jeff Posner, and I created this page to keep track of my progress, knowledge, inspiration, and classes.

I was a cheerleader for 15+ years, and started doing yoga in high school to help with balance, strength, and flexibility. At first, I was not very consistent in my practice. I practiced from DVDs or on WiiFit/WiiYoga.

When I went to college at Arcadia University, there were occasionally free yoga classes offered that I would attend. Then while studying abroad in Brisbane, Australia for a year and a half, The MediBank Feel Good Program held free yoga classes in South Bank Parklands, which got me hooked.

When I came back to the states, I mostly just practiced at home through a 30-day yoga challenge on Youtube which one of my best friends showed me.

Another one of my friends introduced me to hot yoga at Dana Hot Yoga in Glenside, PA. I only went a few times due to financial struggles, but when I graduated and went back home to NJ, I decided to finally join a studio to encourage myself to commit to my practice.

I joined Real Hot Yoga in Englewood in March 2016 with their $45 Unlimited Intro rate, and became a Karma Yogi in April. During this time, I fell in love with everything about yoga- the way it made me feel during and after class.  It allowed me to stretch my body to its maximum capacity and inspire me to grow further in all aspects of my life. It helped relieve stress, anxiety and depression. I learned to love and honor myself, my body, and those around me.

I am inspired to strengthen my practice in hopes that I can help others grow as well. Yoga is not only the connection of our own mind, body, and spirit but also our connection to others. I strive to connect, to nurture, and to grow.

This is where I will keep track of my journey. Thank you for joining me.




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