Dress Up Your Yoga Routine For Halloween

With Halloween less than a week away, what better way to get into the holiday spirit than “spooking” up your yoga routine. It is easy to get stressed during any holiday with all of the parties, preparations, and finances. Yoga is one way to relieve yourself from those yearly stressors. First, create a wallet friendly costume to wear during your spooky yoga session. Halloween yoga pants can turn an every day fitness outfit into a Halloween inspired creation in minutes while still keeping the comfort to do your poses. You can also save more pennies by using your own make up to create a creepy look to go with your usual yoga attire. A few examples are a skeleton that can be created with eyeliner or a zombie using pale foundation and lots of black eye shadow.


Yoga Journal previously listed 7 Spooky Halloween-Inspired Asanas including a black cat, a witch on a broomstick, Frankenstein, and more.  These poses can be incorporated with any yoga class or group or with yourself and a friend to relax before watching your favorite horror movies. Lastly, instead of binging on Halloween candy and crashing after a sugar rush on the 31st, try substituting your sweets with yoga friendly treats. Fruits, nuts, and healthy granola bars are three alternatives that will give you energy before and after your yoga routine. Sip on some hot tea or enjoy a glass of hot apple cider to unwind after your session. Remember to always stay hydrated with water as well!


Incorporating any of these ideas with your yoga routine this Halloween will relieve some of your anxieties as you celebrate one of the scariest days of the year!







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